West African Applicants
Prospective students from West African countries are also eligible to benefit from Joint University degree programs. They can apply to study in Nigeria for three to four years and proceed to foreign university for a top up degree.

Admission Requirements
1. WAEC or GCE (minimum credits required for entry into applicant’s home country universities). Non- English speaking applicant can enrol into a 1-year Degree Doundation in English.
2. High School Certificate/Diploma
3. Photo-page of ECOWAS Passport

Method of Application
1. Application fee - $50 (can be paid along with tuition fee deposit)
2. Send mail to to obtain Application Form
3. Complete the form and send by email to:

Tuition, Registration and Hostel fees per one academic year (in Nigeria)
• Faculty of Engineering (4 years in Nigeria 1 year abroad)  ---------------------------$2,750
• Faculty of Pharmacy (4 years in Nigeria 1 year abroad)------------------------------$3,000
• Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts (4 years in Nigeria 1 year abroad)-------$2,750
• Faculty of Law (4 years in Nigeria 1 year abroad)------------------------------------$3,000
• Medicine (2 years in Nigeria 4 years abroad)-----------------------------------------$3,500
• All other Faculties & Schools (3 years in Nigeria 1 year abroad)----------------------$2,500
• Masters degree (1 year in Nigeria 1 year abroad)-------------------------------------$2,000
• PhD (2 years in Nigeria 1 years abroad)----------------------------------------------$2,000
• Degree foundation in English Language----------------------------------------------$2,500

a. Applicant is required to pay minimum of $1,000 deposit in advance before coming to Nigeria.
b. Applicant from West African countries does not require visa to travel and study in Nigeria.
c. For Tuition and Hostel fees abroad - Please check: FOREIGN PARTNER UNIVERSITIES

For further details, please mail:

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