About Joint University Degree & Partnership Board (JUDAP)

Joint University Degree and Partnership Board is an Agency for international academic partnership and collaboration. It facilitates joint academic and research programmes among Universities globally. 

However, it gives special importance to improving Nigerian higher education through systematic national and international academic integrations thereby supporting the efforts of the National Universities Commission and all associated agencies in Nigeria for the overall benefits of the students, parents and the society in general. 

It is an academic system where prospective students are able to select desired courses of study with basic and universal acceptable modes of entry. Therefore, applicants are not only subjected to local qualifications but also international standards of assessment.

The National Universities Commission of Nigeria encourages the integration of Nigerian university academic programmes with those of other universities in other countries. The present management team, led by Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, mni, MFR, FNAL, FPSN appreciates the need for realistic international collaboration and partnership among Nigerian universities to further boost the educational image of the country. Joint Degree Project is a dream come true in the educational system of higher learning in Nigeria.

JointDegree Project is a remarkable combination of local and international academic experience which enables students to study for a few years at accredited universities in Nigeria and move on to top-rated international universities to complete their degree programmes within twelve months. Based on mutual understanding and agreement, the local universities would use the national curriculum to teach and train the students, with the inclusion of few international curricula.

It is a good development for parents and guardians who dream to have their wards study abroad in the most economical way because the programme offers the cheapest means of obtaining legitimate international degrees and honours. In addition, it allows students to spend most of their academic degree years in Nigeria and pay tuition and other auxiliary fees at local currency.

The programme offers interested students the opportunity to be in the boarding house and under-age students the prospect to start their degree courses in Nigeria and get mature before travelling out of the country without losing year of studies. 


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