Girne American University, Cyprus, is dedicated to making American model learning opportunities accessible throughout life and to making them challenging and relevant to a diverse population of young adults. Its aim is to make possible an education that is at the same time both accessible and excellent. It does this through exceptional management of the University operations and resources, innovative delivery systems, student services and relevant programmes that are learner-centred, success-oriented and responsive to technology.

In support of its mission, a programme has been initiated to transform all courses into digital format. This effective format for course presentation is a practical expression of one of the University’s core values - that of providing access to higher education. The format helps students to complete their programmes expeditiously, thus reflecting another core value of speed worldwide.

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Degrees (1-year Top-up Fees)Full Fee (50% Scholarship)
Faculty of Engineering   5,500 Euro (2,750 Euro)
Faculty of Pharmacy  9,000 Euro (4,500 Euro)
Faculty of Architecture, Design & Fine Arts 5,500 Euro (2,750 Euro)
Faculty of Law 6,000 Euro (3,000 Euro)
Pilotage 6,000 Euro (25% Scholarship)
Medicine10,500 Euro (25% Scholarship)
All other Faculties & Schools  5,000 Euro (2,500 Euro)
Masters degree  3,250 Euro (1,625 Euro)
PhD Request for details
Other General fees 
Registration fee250 Euro
Social & Activity fee250 Euro
Health Insurance fee60 Euro
Visa Processing fee650 Euro
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